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Machine Learning with Python: Zero to GBMs

A beginner-friendly introduction to supervised machine learning, decision trees, and gradient boosting using Python and its ecosystem of ML libraries: scikit-learn, XGBoost, and LightGBM. Earn a verified certificate of accomplishment by completing...

Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas

Discussion forum for “Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas”. Get help, ask questions, help others and be civil! Register for the course at

Weekly Giveaway by Jovian

Share your best notebook in Data Science and stand a chance to win a Jovian Swag Pack! We will be picking a winner every week and featuring them across our channels.

Deep Learning with PyTorch: Zero to GANs

PyTorch: Zero to GANs is one of the most popular FREE online certification courses that provides a coding first introduction to Deep Learning using the PyTorch framework

Data Structures and Algorithms in Python

A beginner-friendly introduction to data structures and algorithms using the Python programming language to help you prepare for coding interviews. Earn a verified certificate of accomplishment by completing practical assignments.

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Get help on all things Data Science. If you get stuck somewhere, want some technical support, or are unsure about something, please feel free to ask here.

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If you stumble upon exciting content–books, datasets, blogs, or online courses, feel free to share them here with a brief description of the resource. Also, don’t forget to include the link to the resource and credits. So, let’s get started, after all, knowledge grows with sharing.

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From freelance opportunities to data science jobs across the globe, find it all here. Bolster your confidence with weekly CV/resume feedback threads and even AMAs with data science professionals. You can help this community grow by sharing any data science jobs that you come across.