About the api key

Can anyone explain whats the API key thing we are asked while committing code through vscode or google colab? Just was curious about it and wanted to know about it.

It’s sort of an authorization token.

Every user has a different API key, which can be used to send notebooks to his account.
You can’t commit a notebook without it, because it could allow random people uploading notebooks as someone else.

When the notebook is being uploaded, along with the API key, the server makes sure that only the owner of the API key can publish notebooks on his page.

That why it’s important to make sure that this key remains private. You don’t see it on your profile page (so, in case you stream your screen, no one will see it), you can only copy it to clipboard.

Also, pasting the key into a notebook (when it asks for such key) is also hidden, so you (or anyone seeing your screen) can’t see it.

You could in theory paste it into an ordinary notepad, and it should be visible. Just make sure nobody looks :stuck_out_tongue: