What should we learn in deep learning after GAN’s. Should we learn more types of GAN’s or we should explore some other fields like computer vision, natural language processing ?
Also what are the free good resources to start with? :thinking:
Is JOVIAN team gonna announce a course on further deep learning topics?

After zero to GANs:

  • Try to build Build 2-3 projects related to Deep Learning/ML

Do courses in

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And what are the other interesting fields in deep learning that I can explore after this?

By fields you mean Applications correct? I will be sharing the link to a website where many interesting applications of Deep Learning are given, Go through the different applications there,

I would recommend joining the CycleGan competition on Kaggle in which you have to train a GAN to generate Art.

ok I will definitely check it.
One question though is it for beginners or more advanced knowledge GAN’s is required?

Thanks a lot for this :grin:

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Hi, I couldn’t take the last course, zero to GAN’S. can I take it now and still get a certificate? I have enrolled into the next one on data structures, Is that going to be related to GAN’s?

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The course is still available as a free to do basis, There will be a re-run of the course soon, and no Data Structures is not related to GANS at all, rather Data Structures is related to programming and not ML or Deep Learning.