All About: How and Why to Share Your Work

The most time-tested way to learn is to get feedback. To facilitate the same for our community, we encourage you to share your work with other community members. Comment on weekly work threads with what you’re currently working on. Get feedback from the community and make improvements accordingly.

You can share the following:

  • Jupyter notebooks hosted on and other platforms. Adding a title and a description always helps.
  • Blog posts or tutorials you have written
  • Video demos or animations of your how your model is performing
  • Anything else you have created

Note : While commenting on others’ work, please be courteous, supportive, and give constructive feedback to make this a positive learning environment for everyone.

The best way to structure your reply is to include:

  • Name of the Project (Could be the blog title)
  • Brief Summary
  • Link to your work
  • Learnings