All About: 'The Getting Started Guide'

Give yourself a great start by introducing yourself to your community. Stay updated with the latest happenings on the forum index or join a study group in your timezone. Still hungry for more? Follow us on our social media channels. Also, please do read the code of conduct.

Here are some steps to help you ease into the process of getting started:

Introduce Yourself

You can visit this section (It's Intro Time) to introduce yourself to the community and learn more about your fellow members.

How to use the forum?

If you are participating in a platform (Discourse) like this for the first time and haven’t used Discourse before.

Here is a great guide that can help you get started:

Best Practices:

  • For every post, you can change the post setting to “Watching” when you want to follow a discussion on a post
  • Before starting a new post, use search to see if there is a post that exists so that you can find an existing answer in no time and we don’t have to moderate and merge your topics with the existing ones.

Forum Index

Since our forum has grown quite a bit, we constantly figure out ways to better structure the content and the forum and so that everything you need is easily discoverable. You can find the latest index on the link below:

Study Groups

We have multiple study groups for different time zones and locations to connect with local community members, make sure to join the discussions and follow the study groups that are relevant for you.

Community Code of Conduct

Make sure you go through community Code of Conduct, and follow the guidelines, to make sure its a safe place for you and the other community members.

Share your work

Feel free to use the share your work weekly threads posted here:


The best part about our forums is the different badges that you can earn based on your contributions in the community and showcase it to the community by having it on your profile. You can earn these badges by having meaningful interactions with fellow community members. These badges also help you qualify for our MVP programs. More information on MVP will be released soon.

Here is a complete list of badges that you can earn in our forum:

Social Media

To stay tuned on all data science related updates from, you can follow us on:


For any suggestions/feedback, feel free to reach out to