Anybody can please help me to plot the graph

How to plot the graph of group by of specific country
Form the data frame

Which column exactly do you want to plot?
I am not sure if I got your question correctly, but if you want to plot specific rows, use the .iloc function in pandas.

Can we plot garph on filter data from dataframe

Why not just use a where clause or a standard pandas filter, e.g. df[df[country == 'France']], or even loop through the countries using df.unique. Here’s some pseudo code to help you get started:

for c in list_of_countries:
    df[df[country == c]]
    ... what_ever_else_you_want_to_do

where you can get the list of countries using df.unique.

Yes, you can. Just mention the necessary condition as @waheed-m-akram has mentioned.