Assignment 1: All About torch.Tensor

The objective of this assignment is to develop a solid understanding of PyTorch tensors. In this assignment you will:

  1. Pick 5 interesting functions related to PyTorch tensors by reading the documentation,
  2. Create a Jupyter notebook using a starter template to illustrate their usage, and share them using Jovian
  3. (Optional) Write a blog post to accompany and showcase your Jupyter notebook
  4. (Optional) Share your work with the community and exchange feedback with other participants

Please go through the problem statement PDF for more details.

Important Links

Please reply here if you have any questions or face issues. The recommended platform for writing your blog post is

5 pytorch function to alter the given tensors

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Here are 5 tensor operations that you should use in the beginning of your program.
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What is the time Limit or submission duration for this Assignment???

Hi @tpoorvika, the submission deadline is Dec 5, 2020, 11:59 PM GMT.

I can’t see my committed assignment in my profile>> notebooks. But I can access the notebook through the weblink (

I used Colab. Please help! What am I missing?

Hi @xa-paudel, check it in the notebooks tab in your profile

Hello friends, here is my first assignment for pyTorch.

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Hi Everyone! Please find my first assignment Jovian Notebook here -

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Hi, there I have worked on some Reduction operations using a tensor module like(max, min, mean, etc.) please have a look and feel free to suggest if any corrections are to be required. which will be very helpful for our learning journey. If you find it useful don’t forget to like my notebook, Thanks in advance. Learning with sharing.

Completed the first assignment which covers 5 basic math functions available within Pytorch. Please take a look at:

Give in your feedbacks! :slight_smile:

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Hey Everyone, I have submitted my first assignment on the course “Deep Learning with PyTorch: Zero to Gans” and its been 20 hours since my assignment is not evaluated. I want to ask that it generally takes this much time or it is causing some issue in my case. Thanks in advance for the help.

My notebook

Hello @garg-nityansh2121 , It takes time to evaluate as this is an ongoing course, it took 4 -5 days to evaluate my assignments in previous courses.

Hello all! Here is my completed assignment 1: “A Random Sampling of Functions for Random Sampling in PyTorch”! As always I had a lot of fun working on this, and learned a ton! I hope you find it interesting, and informative.

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My notebook for the first assignment -

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here is my project mattvik/01-tensor-operations-mattk | Jovian

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I submitted my assignment 8 days before from now. I just wanted to know when my assignment will be corrected as the final date (Dec 5) is nearing.

Hello guys, I have just completed my first ever notebook. I am very new to python deep learning, so please do give your feedback on my assignment notebook if you like.

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5 methods in PyTorch which intrigued me the most!!