Assignment 1 not evaluated

I submitted (assignment 1) - 7 days ago , but yet it has not been evaluated .
I submitted my notebook link & just wanted to confirm that it is in the proper Jovian notebook format . I created it in the Collab notebook and then committed each function and the final assignment to Jovian as was explained to us in the lecture . Below I am giving link of my notebook for assignment 1 .Please confirm whether it is in the correct format or not asap. I received a mail confirming that my assignment 1 was submitted.

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Looks fine to me. Assignment evaluations takes time. But it will be done.
Even if there will be any problem, you will always get a chance to re-submit. But, not a chance in this one as your assignment-1 work looks right to me.

Thank You!

just to add on to this question, is it possible to re-submit after the assignment deadline? or is that when all submissions - original and resubmissions - close for good?

thanks in advance.

After assignment deadline, if any problem is found during evaluations or one is notified to resubmit with corrections, then ofcourse one can do so.

And before deadline, Iam sure you already know that we can submit as many times and only last submission is considered. Also, in some exceptional situations, the assignment deadlines are extended, so don’t forget to check respective assignment pages.

Thank You.