Assignment 1, output cell not showing , not even error

my jupyter notebook is not showing output of any question. Not even error. What to do

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@meenaramlakhan321 Did you try restarting your Jupyter kernel?

If you are still facing the issue, please share a screenshot?

I am still stuck in assignment 1 with Problem 5. I did not figure it out the loop calculations for the number of words in happy_words or sad_words. I tried this code: number_of_happy_tweets = len(tweets) - int(word)

perform the calculations here

for word in tweets:
if word in happy_words:
number_of_happy_tweets = len(tweets) - int(word). But it gives an error. Could anyone give me an hint on how to solve this problem? Thank you!

@nunoedgargub1: you need to use two for loop post that one if condition and also dont forget to apply proper indentation.

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Just got it , need to restart kernet and clear all output