Assignment 1:python basic practices

Q5. Twitter sentiment - happy_fraction question .

I Am struck. Need help to resolve.

Code I have followed is:
happy_fraction = (number_of_happy_tweets/number_of_tweets)*100

print(“The fraction of happy tweets is:”, happy_fraction, “%”)

I got output as 60% as output.

Evaluation says wrong…

Submission Grade Comments
61777 just now madhu-712/python-practice-assignment-1 - Jovian FAIL Problem 1: PASS

Problem 2: PASS

Problem 3: PASS

Problem 4: PASS

Problem 5: FAIL
Incorrect solution
Error: The value of ‘happy_fraction’ is incorrect

The task is about finding fraction, so multiplying by 100 is incorrect (it would be percent then).

Ok…I vil correct n post…
Many thank…