Assignment 1: Python Practice

complete all questions previously its shoe number in [ ]In statement
but after practice 1 its show (*)

well my question is how to calculate the neutral tweets and print them…
i am not asking how to calculate no. of neutral tweets…
i want to print the neutral tweets.

Hi, I am working on assignment 1 on Kaggle, but I get an error while trying to install jovian: ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement jovian (from versions: none)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for jovian

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

can you send the screenshots. i don’t understand what are you saying?

just try it with the binder…
or turn on the internet in settings of kaggle i.e at top right corner.

Yes, someone encountered this problem.

Well bro m also working on it, but hope this will gonna work:
try not logical operator in defining the neutral tweets

Ah yes, forgot about the internet setting. That fixed it. Thanks!

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If the tweet is neither sad nor happy then it is neutral tweet. You already solve both the problem. You have to just take care of one thing

To check if the tweet is happy you have to just find if any happy word exist in tweet but to check if tweet is not happy you have to verify that no happy word exist in tweet.

Can anyone tel me how to submit the assignment

store the final answer in this variable

number_of_neutral_tweets = 0

perform the calculation here

for i in tweets:
is_tweet_neutral = False
for word in sad_words + happy_words:
if word not in i:
is_tweet_neutral = True
number_of_neutral_tweets+= 1

this is my code and I want to print 2 neutral statements only… but when i run it, i got

So is there any one who can make correction in my code and give me the solution for printing 2 neutral tweets.

go to your jovian profile and click on the notebook Python practice …
make it public and click on the share button and submit it on the link given at the end of notebook.

When will the results of the assignments come?

Sir I Today got to know about this amezing course going on FreeCodeCamp. Sir can I submit my first assignment by tomorrow.

i am having problem in uploading my code

i am not able to submit my assignment.Wrong link is shown.pls help it out. is this link wrong.

NameError Traceback (most recent call last)
1 # Capture and upload a snapshot
----> 2 jovian.commit(project=project_name, privacy=‘secret’, evironment=None)

NameError: name ‘jovian’ is not defined

am getting this error when i am try to commit my work and losing the work

Click on Commit on the options bar and you’ll get a link. Copy and paste that for submitting.

did you run the three cells on the top?

!pip install jovian --upgrade --quiet
import jovian

Only after that you can run
jovian.commit(project=project_name, privacy=‘secret’, evironment=None)

this is my link how i submit