Assignment 1 - Train Your First ML Model

weights = model.coef_.flatten().tolist()
Try converting into a single list


use in inputs_df instead of prices_df because you have filled missing values in inputs_df and not in prices_df

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It’s been 5 days I have submitted my first assignment and still not verified…!!
Is there any problem with others or it’s only for mine?

Hello @birajde, Something seems to be wrong with charts/plots display. Like what @ngkennychna mentioned, I’m unable to get it to display as well. Tried px.imshow() as well as .show()

It does not appear to be a code issue.

The assignment evaluation will be done soon.

Hey @rajgt40, please check this post

I clicked Trust and re-ran the notebook. Still no display!

Will be looking into the issue, thanks for reporting.

For assignment 1 , the RMSE loss for train set is 21000 and for validation set it comes out to be 29000.
Is it ok?


In my solution, I found:
The RMSE loss for the training set is about $ 21877. …
The RMSE loss for the validation set is about $ 29009. …
The predicted sale price of the house is about $123884. …

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but, is it ok if the error in validation set is higher than that in train set?

Getting this error:

how we define train_rmse = ?


I have received the same values as well…
RMSE loss for the training set is $ 21877.850450615555.
RMSE for validation set: $ 29009.302517872115
Predicted sale price of the house is $123884.48449778196

Br, Vasanth


train_preds = model.predict(train_inputs)
train_rmse = mean_squared_error(train_targets, train_preds, squared=False)

Thank you for the reply.

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Where do I find my API key?

Hey, any chance the submission deadline can be extended? There’s no way I will be able to submit by the current deadline. @hemanth

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Hey @rajarshi-chatterjee, welcome to the forum.
Just go to your Jovian Profile or click on the link and log in to your profile. You will see an option for an API key on the Get Started page itself.

@austinbooth welcome back.
Try to submit it on time, it won’t take much time to complete the assignments if you have already gone through the lecture. Hopefully, we will be extending the deadline for the assignment, so don’t worry if you are unable to submit it before the deadline mentioned.
Happy Learning


In assignment 1 for numerical columns, NaN values were replaced by “mean” by using
““imputer = SimpleImputer(strategy = ‘mean’)””
for all columns, even for “garage year built”
Can we rather use some formula to fill these columns using another input column(say “Year built”)???


Hey! Biraj, thanks for the help. I have successfully submitted the assignment. Thanks again!