Assignment 2 Evaluation

Anyone else waiting more than 2 weeks for your assessment of Assignment 2? Just wondering if I did something wrong when I submitted.

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I am waiting for the evaluation too. I had submitted it 14 days ago, but just got a reminder mail that my submission was not received.

I case it does not get evaluated, I will resubmit it and hope the best.

@drbazpython I hope your assignment gets evaluated on time too!

@aakashns @vishal could you help out please. Thanks.

@kysandeep @drbazpython
Thanks for your patience. We have started the evaluation and you would receive the results on or before Monday. Due to the high volume of submissions, it has taken longer than expected to evaluate.

Don’t worry, we have received your submission.

Thanks Vishal, I look forward to my evaluation.
May I say that I’ve enjoyed the course and learnt a great deal which I’m in the process of putting into practice with the Course Project.
The more I learn, the more I get annoyed with all the data presented on the news re Covid. They only give a small insight into the data, and do not seem to provide a true representation of the epidemic.

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I 'am also waiting for the evaluation and today I have received an email saying that I did not submit my assignment 2.

Same here. Awaiting eval of asgmt 2 and getting email reminders from jovian to submit it.

@jay-pitale @amaniharv20 Apologies for the inconvenience, we have received your submissions.

@drbazpython Thanks for your kind feedback.

same here bro

My evaluation was completed on Monday