Assignment #2 - Fail Grade due to Notebook not accessible?

Dear Instructor,

I am surprised that I got a “Fail” grade for Assignment 2 due to the reason “Notebook not accessible”.

I uploaded my notebook for Assignment 2 the same way as I did for Assignment 1. Assignment 1 could be accessed and was graded successfully.

Can you check again why you could not access Assignment 2? Can you give me a hint on how can I make it accessible for you?

If you check the submission date you can see that it was on time. Can you consider grading it again when you can access it instead of just giving me a “Fail”?

Thanks in advance for your kind consideration!

Best regards,

Make sure the privacy of your notebook is set to secret or public (if you want it to show up on your profile page).

If it’s set to private, you’re the only one who can access this notebook.

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