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I was planning to use data from a .CSV file in this assignment, but am having trouble reading it into my notebook. Knowing I’d need the notebook to load the data while being graded, I figured the file should reside online (e.g. Google Drive, etc), but could not load via ‘urlretrieve’ and ‘loadtxt’.
My next attempt was to upload the CSV to my notebook repository on Jovian. I couldn’t figure out how to upload the CSV to my ‘Assignment 2’ notebook, so I uploaded the file to a new, empty notebook. However, I couldn’t read the data from my ‘Assignment 2’ notebook (i.e. ‘blabla.csv’ not found error).
I found limited success by uploaded the file directly to my ‘Assignment 2’ notebook while that notebook is open, but when I save the notebook, the CSV file is not saved. So, the next time I run the notebook, I receive the ‘blabla.csv’ file not found…again.
It seems like this last strategy is the best approach, if I can get the .CSV file to save with the notebook.
Any thoughts are appreciated!

Binder and Colab are cloud-based so the file does not get stored in them and you are required to load it again at runtime.
You can download the file and use it locally on Jupyter but that wouldn’t work with evaluation, IG.

This is my assignment.

hey i sameeksha jain i have doubt in one numpy array function
import numpy as np
A=np.array([3, 2, 4],[ -1 ,1, 2],[ 9, 5 ,10])
so rank of matrix is
but i wrote np.linalg.matrix_rank(a)
so rank of matrix is 2?

Hello this is my 5 numpy functions

Hello every one, been a little held up but here is my second assignment on arrays. Thank you Akash.

Hi everyone. I have just finished assignment 2. I hope the functions I chose are interesting and useful for some of you out there. Below is the link.

Hello everyone, here’s my submission Numpy Array Operations assignment. Please check it out and feel free to give any suggestions or feedback.

Hi everyone,
Here is my second assignment, 5 useful numpy array operations.

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Hey, these are the 5 important functions I wrote about :

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these the are 5 functions i wrote about

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Hey everyone,

Here are the functions I wrote about!

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Hey, these are the 5 functions i wrote about.

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Here is my assignment 2 - Five simple yet useful numpy functions!

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Check out this Assignment that I completed. gautam-singhchauhan30/numpy-array-operations - Jovian