Assignment 2 problem

I am trying to complete my assignment 2 problem but am facing problem in writing proper code in python. I actually started to learn ‘c’ programming & when the course started I was almost fulfilling the prerequisites except the python one (which I thought will not be problematic as I knew ‘c’ programming.), so I joined the course .
So it will be nice if anyone well versed with python can tell me asap, what all topics should I learn in python(please be very specific as I have to submit it on until 12th December.) to perform the assignment 2 and broadly this whole course.
One more problem which I am facing is that when completing the (an example) cell for the titles of the columns should I myself list the titles manually in string format or should I write some code to tell the computer (means how to get it that whether a cell is for code or data input)

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Hey @f20200981
I’m pretty sure I’m well versed in Python and can surely tell you asap, the topics you can learn to perform the assignment. But will it help you in the long run?
Since you mentioned you almost fulfill the prerequisites except the Python one( which you thought will not be problematic as you knew ‘C’ programming.), so you joined the course, so I’m not sure as to what prerequisites you’re referring here as the Jovian Zero to GANS course surely needs the basic concepts cleared which you can easily google to polish. I would suggest to complete any free Python course over YouTube or freecodecamp to get a grip over Python language. Then you can complete the Pytorch course when it’ll be available on demand to get a certificate. Bonus tip for you is to check out the recent uploads on Jovian Youtube channel
Hope this helped :slight_smile: