Assignment 2: Train Your First Model

I enrolled quite late as I simply didn’t know about this gem of a learning platform. Thanks a lot for this course Jovian. I am a complete newb in the field of ML, AI and Data Science. I hope to learn a lot in the coming days and try out other courses as well. These are my 1st and 2nd assignment which I completed just in time. I am really excited to share them with the Jovian community. Hoping for some valuable feedback on the way.

Thanks for your feedback . am Available for u also for next time

Hopefully at some time Sir give a chance to do all our assignments if anyone can’t do it on time


Hi everyone,
First of all thanks @aakashns for the time and effort to create this course!

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Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, here is the link

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Look here: ZERO TO GAN's Assignment 2

Hey Hi Everyone!

Got the loss_value as low as 23.6838, have a look at my model below and any feedback is appreciated.


Here is my assignment-2. Sorry for being late submission because of the mid-exam.

why using MSE loss function is giving NaN as loss results? I had to use L1 loss function.

checkout my notebook.

Hey, I m writing the exact code for MNIST dataset as was in lecture. But still it is giving me an error like this.

Help me figure this out

Hi, I don’t know if this happened to someone else. I trained my model and like on my second or third attempt, it gave very good results (val_loss=3763.6506), I was very happy.

Then I started to play with the learning rate and epochs, but then it didn’t improve. The final 3 attempts I decided to go back to the same parameters I was using on the Version 9, which was the best so far. But the val_loss started to increase. Weird, so I decided to present the Version 10 as my Assignment delivery.

I restarted the Model, I even downloaded again the MNIST Dataset and nothing.

Here is my notebook:
Insurance linear regression assignment

According to the error your validation loader is not a Tensor, it is a List, I am not sure where the mistake is but do check where you are defining the val_loader and share the link of the notebook

I saw your results have been good, better than mine actually. Could you explain why you use loss = F.l1_loss(out, targets) ?

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i have submitted the assignment but evaluation is still it might mean i didnt pass.can anyone point me out the mistakes and give me feedback on what went wrong. that would help me to do better next time

Since it’s a problem with linear relationships (with some non-linearity as well), I tried with different loss functions for linear regression and they got me similar values of loss.
But my model seemed to perform a little bit better with l1_loss than the others when it comes to prediction. :blush:

You have included ‘charges’ column in input_cols. It won’t give correct results.

Thanks for pointing it out! will update the model by adjusting the inputs

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Can anyone help me with this?

This is my notebook

loss: 46633868.0000

Even though the loss figure looks outrageous, the predictions are fair. Can someone explain why am I getting such a loss? I used mean-squared-error loss.