Assignment 3 - Pandas Practice

yes same issue is also happening with me

I am getting the same error in Q-6.7,8…can someone From Jovian pls check?
Here’s the link to my Assignment:


@aakashns Please Take a Look and Solve The Error.

The 8 th question is showing error even when I have given the right answer

@indulkarrutik What About your 6 and 7th Question answer? Are These Right?

@sadiqul15-7271 @indulkarrutik @hettalati99 @pshrutdineshbhai and everyone who is facing problems with assignment evaluations, please refer to the post given below.

for Your Concern


Sorry for my late reply. Hope you’ve solved the issue. If not, would you pls post what the error prompt is, or even better, share your assignment out, so others, including me, can help to look through to find the issues.

Before then, you can check if the variables and attributes are correctly spelt out. Just my 2 cents.

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my q12 seems right , i have compared with many users notebook shared in forum but the evaluation says its wrong


It seems you don’t have all the columns, I suggest to keep all the columns after combining.

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in first place i did that only but didn’t worked same issue saying values are incorrect

Run all cells from top to bottom before submitting, maybe some columns are not showing up after the dataframe was updated

sir i did that but still its showing wrong values for q12

Hey, any updates on the issues with the automated evaluation system?

The automated evaluation script has been updated on 23rd April, we have also done a manual evaluation for most of the assignment till 23rd April, if by chance your assignment is missed you can resubmit your assignment.

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The values in country_counts_df are incorrect
Error: ‘DataFrameGroupBy’ object has no attribute ‘to_dict’

plz help me fix this error

The answer for my Q11 is correct but it is repeatedly showing an error, team please look into the automated evaluation system.

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The automated evaluation script is working fine, there was an error in your notebook which was pointed out, please check the comments in your notebook.


Yeah Got it, Thank you👍


my q 12 is also correct can you check for me too , i did re submission but didn’t worked