Assignment 3 -Question 11

Similar to Notebook found on forum: Issue with assignment 3 question 12 - #15 by kaushikc44

My Notebook is having a problem with Question 11.

My Notebook: abhirajshourya/pandas-practice-assignment - Jovian
Question 12 and 13 have the similar solution, they don’t give errors… :confused:

Your code looks correct to me, however the dataframe displayed is showing deaths_per_million and not tests_per_million. So I would just double check everything and if that isn’t the issue, hopefully someone on staff can look at it to see what is causing the issue.

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Hey, I checked your notebook, you are resetting the value of highest_tests_df in Question 13.

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Thanks for pointing it out, that was just a copy paste mistake.
What about Question 11 which is failing, and I’ve gone through 5-6 Notebooks from forum, they all have same or almost same solution and getting the same answer, please take a look!

I suppose you will get a PASS grade if you correct the error on Question 13. As you are resetting the value of highest_tests_df you are getting a wrong answer on Question 11.
I don’t think there is any error made by the auto grader, still I will take a look. Thanks for pointing that out.

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Finally Passed.

Submitted the same notebook after I restarted my browser and it worked :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all the help!! :smiley:

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re-run all the cells , that was the main issue for me so I did re-run and worked like a charm.

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