Assignment evaluation

I have submitted the assignment. But grade status is pending. I know it takes time. But i am not sure about is it successfully submitted or not. Is there any way to ensure it?

When you submitted it should show a table listing bla bla including the title of the notebook I think and column labeled “Grade” that should show PENDING
Or go back to the assignment page where the submission button is and you will see it’s up to date status. Put mine in 2 days ago and won’t be surprised if grades aren’t released til Sunday after the submission deadline this Saturday.


Whats this duplication all are talking about, I hit the run button and chose binder and committed after completing the assignment 1 and posted the link.
I didnt duplicate etc. could you help me reg. that>?

Just copy the url which looks like this,, and paste it in the box under the Sub-head “Notebook link (required)” on submission page


happy_fraction= 0.6
sad_fraction= 0.2
when I subtract these two I am getting 0.39999999999
It should be 0.4

Have submitted it sir,. in same fashion as you have suggested, quite some days back. still its on pending status.
Is there anything I could do.

you can use the round() function to get 0.4.
Its coz 0.6 which you got by division might be 0.600000000000000000000000002 in python
so such kinda float values may show up.

I think we have to wait for the grades. They say that there are more than 10k submissions waiting for evaluation.

You need to round off the value to get 0.4 because you have not given any information about up to how many decimal places the program should go.

Wait for it. As they have more than 12k attendees. So they need some more time for evaluation.

If you have submitted the assignment properly, then in the assignment table, a link should come. And regarding evaluation, it should come by 10th Sep.