Assignment1 linear regression

can we submit this after submission date will they graded after the submission date ended

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Yes they will be graded even if you submit late, also we will be extending the timeline. So that everyone gets an opportunity to finish the course.

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I have tried re-submitted my Assigment 1 after getting a FAIL grade on questions (3) and (4). The answers are correct, and questions (5) to (10) (which subsequently depend on these results) get a PASS grade. Yet I still keep getting a ‘Fail’ grade for questions (3) and (4), the objections being:

Q3: FAIL The values of ‘input_cols’ or ‘target_col’ is incorrect AssertionError :
‘input_cols’ must be a list of strings. It should contain names of input

Q4: FAIL The value of categorical_cols is incorrect AssertionError :
‘categorical_cols’ must be a list of strings, containing names of categorical

Even if I explicitly output categorical_cols in Q4 I still get a FAIL grade for it.

Please could somebody explain what is going on? Here is the link to my uploaded notebook. Thanks.


input_cols = prices_df.drop("SalePrice",axis=1).columns

I found that you have to include all columns, except SalePrice, to get the correct answer.

You also need to remove the Id column

That worked, as did the procedure used in the lecture:

input_cols = list(prices_df.columns)[1:-1]