Assignments for this study

Have you posted the assignments? If, yes where are the links to the assignments?

Here is the link to the assignment page β†’ Assignment 1 - Train Your First ML Model | Jovian
You can also go to this page via the course page β†’
There is a starter notebook provided in the assignment page. Please use the starter notebook.

Thanks to you @birajde

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In respect to our assignment. I observed that there 3 csv files

The same csv has only 2 columns while the test and train files has 80 columns each.

Does that mean that we the data has been split already and we dont need to split the data again

I guess this was a dataset for Kaggle competitions, the train and test csv are used for training and testing, whereas the sample_submission.csv is the format in which we have to submit our predictions from a model after writing our code.(Please Verify with the data present in sample_submission).

Above is the images of the error am getting

It seems python-sklearn-assignment environment is already active, you don’t need to do conda activate again.

Okay thank you @birajde

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