Bouston Housing practise assignment

I am trying to download file from Kaggle for the bouston housing competition. I have tried following tips from the video Deep Learning with PyTorch for Beginners - Part 3 ( But the commands were written for mac Users. Can anyone help me post the commands for a windows pc.

The link you provided isn’t working.

To download the Kaggle dataset, you can:

!pip install opendatasets
import opendatasets as od"https link of the kaggle dataset you want to download")

When you run the command it will ask your Kaggle username and key
To generate that you need to sign in to your Kaggle account then click your profile picture then

your profile > Account > API Section

Click on create new API token, this will give you a json file with username and key use that where it was asked.

I cant seem to fine the link to the files

. Link to the competition Jovian: Learn Data Science & Machine Learning Online | Courses, Projects & Tutorials.

The link I was talking about was from the address bar/url bar when you open the data tab.
But looks like there is some error in the data and it’s not opening.

I saw the mac command someone mentioned in the discussion section.
I think that’s the command you were talking about.

The command is the same for windows, just use '!' instead of '$'

!kaggle competitions download boston-housing

Btw thanks ur solution worked.

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