Can I use VS code as IDE?

Hello! can I use VS code?


You can use any ide… Just you show to be able to run the code and have fun

You can take a Look here!

someone already made a walkthrough, so that you could troubleshoot.

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Yes, you can but it’s way more convenient to use Jupyter for experimenting with the data set. when you’re writing code for a full-blown project you might wanna use VS code but for experimenting Jupyter is the best

you can just create a py file and write # %%

then it will make` a cell for you

you can actually run Jupiter notebooks on vscode. which is pretty cool. for that, you just have to install the python extension on vscode, and open any .ipynb file on vscode. then give permission to install some of the dependencies, which will be installed automatically on code via pip. and voila!! now, you can use vscode as Jupiter.


Yes sure, you can use any of the IDE but for machine learning or any data analysis work ,
Please go for Google Collab or Jupyter_Notebook simply.