Can't read CSV file

I downloaded a CSV file:
urlretrieve(‘’, ‘Space_Data.csv’ )

I verified that the file is comma delimited, so i try to read the file: df = pd.read_csv(‘Space_Data.csv’, delimiter=’,’)

But i get an error because there are commas in some of the fields. so i manually edit the file in site and it becomes tab delimited and i can read it. however, it does not get saved this way from session to session.
what can i do to either download the file as tab delimited, or to save it as a tab delimited.

Not sure what are you doing here.

Are you downloading the file from kaggle using urlretrieve()?
If so - this won’t work, because the link given as an argument doesn’t lead directly to a CSV file, but a normal webpage. What you download with urlretrieve is a webpage in this case (HTML source), which can’t be parsed as CSV file.

If you have downloaded the file otherwise, and you want it to persist between notebooks on jovian, try to read one of my other posts:

yes, i could see that it is a web page. so i had manually downloaded the file