Certification download option?


I have got 100% completed in my course, from where can I get my certificate?
Please can anyone help me find it.

Congratulations on completing the course!

We will be generating your certificates by the 14th of October. Once its generated we will share the link where you can access the same.

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my name is sai kumar reddy.but in my certificate the name is printed as sanjurash789reddy.
can u please change and give a new certificate to me…

Hello Sanjurash,

It seems weird that the certificate generator picked up your nickname and not your full name.

Can you check that your nickname is not entered in the full name box? On this thread I can see that the full name you seem to have entered is ’ sanjurash789 reddy’.

As you can see below, I made sure my full name is the name I want to see appearing on the certificate and not the username.


If you did this and still get the error then I would directly talk to the Jovian team.

since i login with my gmail it automatically takes saved name.i didn’t see that .
can you please change my name and provide a new certificate with name P.Sai kumar Reddy