Certification Queries

is it compulsory to join live lecture to get certficate or can we listen to recorded lectures and do assignments regularly to get certified.

There is no attendance criteria,
You just need to submit all the assignments and project on time to be eligible for a certificate.
You can watch lectures anytime you prefer but we strongly recommend to watch it live.


has anyone received the certificate yet??

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I just got the certificate and it had my name in lowercase. Would it be possible to reissue it with correction?

PS: I know it’s not a big deal, just asking.

@bhaveshlohana1 please update your name in Jovian settings: https://jovian.ai/settings

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I did but it hasn’t reflected the changes anywhere else.

We will update it and let you know.

oh, great! Thank you!!

Hi. I have completed the course. Can I know how to find my certificate in the website?


You received it on mail…?

I have received my certificate today. How wonderful.
Thank you so much to @aakashns and the whole course team. I have learned a lot from this course and I would like to say that the entire course is just amazing. You guys are awesome. Thank you.

To those who are wondering about how you will receive the certificate, when your certificate is ready, you will see the the button ‘View Certificate’ on the summary page of the course.



hey @aakashns I clicked the ‘View Certificate’ but there seems to be some error. The certificate wouldn’t load.

When i try to download it, there is this code/message.

Hello. I have not received the completion certificate yet. Just now I updated my full name on my profile. Kindly reply to this.

Thank you.

@sidujjain How can we add the certificate to our LinkedIn profile?

Hi I’m having the same problem with @bhaveshlohana1. I have also updated my profile with my full name. Thank you!

No, i found it here

There are several ways to share it right below the certificate, check it out.

@vijayrai247 there was some issue with generating your certificate because of Hindi name. While we add support for Hindi, can you change your name to English from the settings?

@sidujjain I’ve done that.

@neiljairus They fixed it, you should check yours once.