Certification Queries

@sidujjain Now successfully received the certificate. Thank You.

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It has been updated. In case the Certificate url has been cached by your browser, it may take up to an hour to reflect correctly.

Those options share the certificate as an article. I wanted to add it to the profile. That’s where I was confused. But now, I have figured it out. Thanks!

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Please see this post for adding Certificate to your LinkedIn profile: Adding course certificate to your LinkedIn Profile

cc: @blazing-storm

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Hello, I just got the certificate, but I hadn’t changed my name so the certificate have my username. I just update to my full name, there is some way to change that, and show my full name not my username?

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I updated my full name but still finding the previous format. Could you please help me with this?

I am also facing the same issue.

Please fill out this form for name corrections in Certificate: https://forms.gle/FLvsk14pCKeaLb8K7


Thank you @sidujjain for your quick response.I did fill the corrections form.

Would it be possible to change the name on my certificate, I have already updated my name on settings.
Thanks in advance

Thanks ! Already submit the form

First of all I would like to thank you it was a good. I was unaware of the course I have completed zero to pandas on December 1st will I receive certificate or not.

As I have also put my efforts to complete the course.

did your last assignment was checked, my assignment was under evaluation, can u clear me in how many days evaluation will be done

Please wait for a few days, your assignment will be checked within a few days.

Hello, I have been doing the course few days and completed the course except for submitting the project work. I just wanted to ask the @admins if I will get the certificate for the course if I complete the project work and submit it?
I only came to know about this platform a few weeks earlier and did not know anything when live classes were taking place.

@birajde Can you help me on this one please.

Yes @ashish6552, if you complete all the assignments, and get a PASS grade in all of them, you will get a Certificate.

Thanks for replying. I have completed all the assignments and has been declared PASS. I will submit the project work in few days. Just wanted to know if my work will be rewarded with a certificate.
Thanks a lot

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Hey! Can anyone kindly tell me how many days do it take normally to get the certificate!? I have completed the course 3 days ago and i was emailed rhat in 48 hours i would get the certificate. But apparently I havent got it still!
Thank you so much for this amazing course @jovian.ml.

Are your assignments evaluated yet? You should receive it within 48 hours of the evaluation of your project. Kindly Check your course page for the certificate link.

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