Code cell not running even after entering API key

API key is entered but the code cell doesn’t completely execute. Please help.

are you running on local machine of your or on online platform
if you are working on local machine you have to install jovian , but if you are working on binder or kaggle then you might have to make sure login on jovian account on other tab to make work easier for you @uayashu145

I am having the same issue, but I am on my laptop, and I did click on “run binder”… so not sure what to do…

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Hi can you explain in correct way after clicking binder what happen, moreover if you are clicking binder it may take time to load if you are running first time on binder

After inserting the API key and running the cell (4) nothing happens, stays there forever, the asterics does not go away

Hi @fretagi, did you press “enter” button after entering the API key?

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@sidujjain thank you for your contribution, after pressing enter, it come out right


i am having similar issues jovian. commit is not working even after imput API

Please help, i have same issue here

after entering the API, just press enter!

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