Colab does not initiate after Choosing an Account to link to (get stuck in the authorization cycle)

Hi Dear Support Team,

I have to switch from Binder to Colab due to frequent kernel dying issue which acts as a real blocker for this project.
However, After selecting Run → Run on Colab, it redirects me to a page that asks me to choose an account to link to When I choose my email address as the account followed by checking the allow see/edit/… access box and clicking Continue, it redirects me back to the choose an account page as if putting somebody in an indefinite loop without exit door.

May you please let me know how to overcome such issue with Colab so that I can proceed with the project.

Thank you.

Make sure to choose the first Google account. Also, remove the google drive integration first: Manage Slack Preferences | Jovian

Hi Siddhant,


Thank you