ColorShapeLinks AI competition

ColorShapeLinks is an AI competition for the Simplexity board game with arbitrary game dimensions. The first player to place n pieces of the same type in a row wins. In this regard, the base game, with a 6 x 7 board and n = 4, is similar to Connect Four. However, pieces are defined not only by color, but also by shape: round or square. Round or white pieces offer the win to player 1, while square or red pieces do the same for player 2. Contrary to color, players start the game with pieces of both shapes. This means that a less observant player can lose in its turn, especially since shape has priority over color as a winning condition. Given this fact, as well as the arbitrary game dimensions, the challenges for the AI are multifold.

The AI must be implemented in C# (.NET Standard 2.0) by extending one class and overriding one method. The development framework includes both console and Unity frontends and can be downloaded with the following command (requires Git and Git LFS):

git clone --recurse-submodules

The implementation guide contains the required documentation for developing an AI for ColorShapeLinks.

The winner of each track will receive a prize money of $500 (USD) , sponsored by the IEEE CIS Competition Subcommittee.


  • May 22 (optional) - IEEE CoG competition papers deadline, e.g., for participants that wish to submit a paper about their entry for this competition.
  • July 31 - First deadline for AI submissions. Submissions will be thoroughly checked for rule compliance and technical issues.
  • August 3 - Author notification of any issues encountered with the submissions.
  • August 8 - Final deadline for AI submissions + short description of the methods used for implementing the AI.
  • August 11 - EuroMillions draw which will determine the conditions for the Unknown track.
  • August 24-27 - IEEE CoG 2020 takes place, final competition results are announced.

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