Continent_populations_df error

Hi I’m having trouble with assignment 3 and variable Q7: continent_populations_df

The values in `continent_populations_df` are incorrect
Error: 'continent_populations_df' must be a Pandas data frame with 'continent' as the index column and a 'population' column containing the population of each continent

This is my solution:

I have tried submitting my assignment 5 times. And I’ve tried converting population datatype from float to int etc. and redeclaring pd.DataFrame() often just to make sure. Can anyone help me?

Hey @jaecabrera-cp, Welcome to the community.
I don’t think the error is in this cell, Make sure you have not reset the value of continent_populations_df somewhere in later cells. I think you are using the same variable name for other operations.
Let me know if this is not the issue.

Thank you sir. I did a search in my notebook and there are only 2 results sir.
The variable name was not reused.

Thanks, for replying back, we will have a look and let you know soon. In the meantime, you can proceed with the next part of the course.

Thank you sir. Very much appreciated.

Hey, while we are still checking what FAIL’ed your notebook, we thought to PASS yours so you can proceed with the next part of the course freely.
Thanks for reaching out to us.

Even I am facing the same error

Hey @mihirpaghdal, welcome to the forum,
Can you share more details on the error you are facing?