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Jovian is a truly democratic space built of, by, and for all the data science enthusiasts out there. Nothing binds a community together than sharing the mutual love for tech, coding, and data science. Our sincere hope is to empower you to program more, learn more, and share more. Therefore, we introduce to you the ‘ Contributor Program ’ where you get an exciting opportunity to publish your work (blogs and Jupyter notebooks) on our platform. This is your chance to share your work with our 75,000+ global data science community members from 180+ countries .

How to get added as an editor to Medium Publication?

First-time contributors can submit their blog post and medium username to We will review your blog and respond within 24 hours.

Merits of being a contributor

Gain confidence: Publishing your work on our platform will help you gain confidence, not just in your ability to document your experiments successfully, but will also nurture the spirit of learning within you.

Inspiration for the community: The Jovian community comprises data science enthusiasts from all over the world. As a contributor, not only would you gain visibility among the community members, but also act as a source of inspiration for the new members.

Recognition and rewards: Our team works relentlessly to ensure that your work gets visibility on the internet and that you get your due share of recognition for all your efforts. We also cross-promote your blogs on our other social media handles and share it in our monthly newsletter with our global community.

Ease of publishing: The Jovian platform allows you to easily view and embed code snippets from your Jupyter notebook. Not only does this save time, but also makes the entire process of writing a lot of fun.

The style of writing

At, our aim is to demystify all the doubts about data science, in general. So, we try to make our blogs interesting, fun, and easy to understand. Here are some general guidelines that we expect our contributors to take care of:

  • Try to have a catchy title or headline for your blog, you have no idea how much of a difference it makes.
  • Try to add a subheading for your blog, so people get an idea of what it is about.
  • Have a proper introduction and conclusion to your blog. Your readers will love it.
  • Your blogs can have an informal or formal tone, depending on what you are comfortable with. However, you should maintain consistency in your tone. Do not use colloquial language suddenly in the blog if it has not been used elsewhere.
  • Include your social media links towards the end of your blog, so your followers can find you on other platforms as well.
  • Include pictures, if possible, and mention the source of where you sourced the image from.

You can check out the Jovian style guide here for more details.

The standard

Besides the points shared in our style guide, we have only one expectation from our contributors and that is to uphold the highest level of quality while publishing your work with us. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a beginner’s level blog or an advanced level, if you are enthusiastic about your work, your readers will feel it through your writing. For instance, Jovian contributor Manish Kumar Shah tries to answer a very interesting question in his detailed blog — ‘Can computers understand our emotion?’ and beautifully uses his knowledge of PyTorch and Deep Learning to answer it.

Still have doubts?
You can reach out to us on and we will try to respond to your queries at the earliest

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