'count_rotations_linear' doesn't work as expected. Verify all edge cases!

This is my assignment (click here to see my submission). I did everything but 'count_rotations_linear' doesn't work as expected. Verify all edge cases! this error coming for all test 1 to test 15. but, this is working for all my test cases in that assignment. I have only one question, whether my answer is wrong or this is a problem on the server-side. If it is my problem notice me where the error occurs and if it is server-side please fix it as soon as possible.

The question asks us to give the minimum number of rotations and…

The expected outputs of your test cases → 2, 5, 7 are wrong


But see this bro all test cases are passed.

Yes because you have set the expected output of your test cases wrong and implemented your function wrong and these two problems together are giving you correct result

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@vinaypratapsingh609 Thanks bro, now I understand, I wrote test cases wrongly so that my code that passed all my test cases can’t give the correct answer to the prewritten questions.

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