Course project evaluation

I am yet to receive my final grade on my course project which was submitted on the 8th jan 2020

You will receive the grade within a few days, please wait for the evaluations.

Hello, will you be evaluating late submission course projects for Zero to GANs course and providing course completion certificate?
Pl let me know.

Yes, course project evaluation will be done and certificates will be provided if you get a PASS grade in all the assignments and the course Project.

I got stuck at the final assignment. Feedback says incomplete. Could someone point out what else needs to be done?

Probably because your accuracy is too low and also there are errors in the Prediction and testing part

Respected sir, @birajde
good afternoon,

Sir, I have submitted last course project 5 days ago,
so can you please tell me, when will it be evaluated ?

your reply would be helpful for me.

Thank you.

Hey @shree-msc-divyesh
Apologies for the delay, We will evaluate the projects within a day or two. Your patience is highly appreciated.
Thank You.

@birajde, No problem sir,
I can understand, it happens sometimes due to work.

Thank you for your reply, sir.

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@birajde I have resubmitted my pending assignments for this course, kindly evaluate and let me know the results.
Apologies for late submission due to other work priorities.

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@birajde I’ve resubmitted course project, but output is not getting saved. Am I missing something?

Hey @iamsusmita, before commiting a notebook to Jovian, the notebook needs to be saved. Normally it’s autosaved but probably due to some reason your notebook is not autosaved. In these situation you can manually save the notebook(go to Files section) before commiting.
Hope this solves your issue, let me know if it doesn’t.

Thank you, I have saved and resubmitted project. Awaiting evaluation :slight_smile:

@birajde Sir I submitted my project for zero to pandas on 8th September 2021, it hasn’t been evaluated till date. How long will this process take?

here is the link for the project mentioned above:

Hey @harshitpant, we will evaluate the projects in a couple of days, your patience is appreciated.