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Make sure to install the opendatasets library before importing it. Use this code:-
!pip install opendatasets

i have data set of 10358 rows and i wanna add extra column ,i.e :Date if i use

pd.date_range(start=‘2020/06/03’ periods=10358) this is ending up at year 2049 , i jus want, from now 500 days and loop of that ,that means after every 500 days it should asign from the first . how to get that …? help me .

Here I am setting the column names by ‘team’ and ‘total matches’. But it’s not showing after compilation. HELP!

@vijayasimharockz Your question is not clear to me, can you please explain with images?
You can use the function reset_index() after value_counts() in the 2nd line. Probably it should work.

value_counts method returns series, not a dataframe. You have to convert it with to_frame() method.

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hey guys do you have an idea about , how much time it will take to evaluate

Helloo, my dear buddies . I have completed my Course Project ( Exploratory Data Analysis ) on google play store apps :iphone:… it was really a wonderful experience :blush:. I have spent nearly a week on doing this project :dizzy_face: . Please go and check out my project :point_left: . I am very confident that you will learn many intresting things about tools like: python :two_hearts:, pandas :panda_face:, numpy :game_die: , matplotlib :chart: , seaborn :boom: give a thumbsup :+1:


i have placed an image in my notebook ,its working file when i run in binder .but not showing when i upload it in forum its showing [;;]image y …help me out of this

@vijayasimharockz you’ll need to upload the notebook somewhere first and use its URL. You can use services like google photos or Imgur for this. Just make sure that the image URL is publically accessible.

My guess is the image size is too big to fit as a cover image to the project.

actually previous assignments were evaluated within minutes

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yaa think so , can we reduce the image’s height & width

The Assignments are auto evaluated as they have a similar structure, but projects are unique. So it needs to be manually evaluated, generally, it would be evaluated within 48 hours of the submission. Sometimes, it can take a bit more than that.

You can download the image, resize the image resolution to 1200x800 resolution, upload it online as mentioned above and use the new image link for your project.

reduced size of image (to multiple resolutions) though its not working sir :frowning_face:

How did you reduced the size? Can you send me the link to your notebook?

actually i changed the size of the image to previous size since it dint work any how

You are still using this picture

If you download this image, you will see this is 5.5 Mb. You need to reduce the resolution of this picture and upload the new picture using binder/colab.

yeah i have tried that also used 400 x 276 resolution picture but that didnt work so i replace it again wait a sec ill show you ,by uploading low res pic