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Yes I have used the following function.
and this
horizontal stack[‘Installs’] = [float(x) for x in horizontal stack 1[‘Installs’].values].
It it worked also as the dtype of series is showing as int64 which was before float.

No idea what horizontal stack is. It seems like some stuff got removed from the message because you didn’t post it as code.

BTW. it couldn’t be float, since you had to remove the + sign. It was a string probably.

Thanks sir for helping but I cleared all my problems before I read your message. I will be soon sending my project on the forum.
Only styling and Question-answers are left.

Hey, this post might help you.

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I tried uploading an image to a markdown using
and also using <img src="image.png"
but none of them is showing my image to a saved notebook.

Please refer to this post to know more about how to upload an image into markdown cells.

Even after commiting the notebook on jovian, the outputs of the cells are not showing in the snapshot while they are visible on colab. What would be the reason???
Please help.

This might help you, @bhaumik2386,

Finally Completed my Course Project
Please do read it, it is very interesting and it took me Hours to made this but it would take you only 10 minutes to get through all this and you would found many interesting insights

Hope you read it…
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Hey guys check out my final submitted project. It is my first real world big data project and was really fun to work on. Please leave suggestions on how I can improve it further.

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Here is my Project on Google play store apps :

Here is the link for the dataset:Google Play Store Apps | Kaggle


Exploratory Data Analysis of Video Game Sales in Japan


my project

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Heart Attack Analysis

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Here is my project link look into it when you are free.

I took data from Kaggle and done some EDA and good visualization. Look into it and tell me if anything is wrong

Have a look and comment :hugs: :hugs:


The graphs are good, but I would suggest you improve the Question & Answers, ask more questions about the dataset and the project rather than asking add columns or merge dataframe, etc. Try to find more insights from the data. For eg: The most installed and most rated in each category/ free apps, apps that have the highest download in spite of large size. You can easily view a trend or draw insights with these questions, it also makes the analysis look more interesting.
PS: Try to think of as many questions as you want(not just 5)

Unable to commit in the notebook. This has never happened before but I’m facing this problem in this notebook only. If anyone knows what’s the issue then please help.

[jovian] Error: Failed to read the Jupyter notebook. Please re-run this cell to try again. If the issue persists, provide the “filename” argument to “jovian.commit” e.g. "jovian.commit(filename=‘my-notebook.ipynb’)"

I did everything that is written in the error but still, it is not working.

Hey, please save the notebook from File-> save option, and provide the name of your notebook in the filename argument of jovian.commit().