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its working now, thank you for your help @Sebgolos

The project is well made, I would recommend to make the bargraph or histplot using seaborn because it makes the graphs colorful and attractive. Rest all is great. :ok_hand:

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Hi team ,
i have analysis on zomato kindly review and let us know your comments

I want to know, in what time they evaluate our project & give us certificate?

Hi Nadya, I really admire your analysis. I hope to look into similar datasets to get a better understanding of the situation too.

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Hi All, here is my contribution to Course Project Data Analysis:

Hi Nico, Thanks so much for your comments, it really made my day!

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I just wanted to read this csv, but it got an error .The csv from a recommended dataset called USA Covid-19 Cases. I choosed the us_covid19_daily.csv.
Could anybody tell me what I should do to figure this problem?

This is a really well done analysis. Good job on using different visualization tools as well. The diversity of graphs is excellent.

Guys,I finished my assignment.

Wow! Really nice analysis and digging into the data

check out my analysis on video game sales. I’m open to criticism and corrections.

My course project! - Analyzing Automobile Insurance Claims Info
Great learning experience

I have almost completed my course project but now at a certain point whenever I run my notebook it gets hang or I get warnings as kernel dead
also, I am facing issues in running any other notebook using a binder at this point.
Can anyone help me with it

I m facing such issues while running binder

Just wait for couple of hours and it will work…
Sometimes this happens…

You can try running the notebook on kaggle or Google colab,hope it will help.

Hi all!

Could you please help me, because I got stuck.

Is there anything wrong with my dataset or something else but I can’t plot anything. Jupyter Notebook doesn’t recognize columns, saying it’s not defined.

I would really appreciate your help.