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It’s an error. It’s ‘files’ not ‘file’. You upload the CSV file into your binder and run this again. You don’t have to use urlretrieve if you have downloaded the CSV file.

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Thanks a lot I have been stuck there such a silly mistake

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You have your csv file locally downloaded, right? You need to upload your file. When you run the notebook on binder, you get a list of files. On the right side there is an upload button. Click that and choose the csv file and upload. Then run the pandas code

Hi Friends,

I’m ready with my project report. please check my Notebook and give feedback for any improvement that might require it.

Thank you!!! They are very useful - I’ll be making necessary changes today

You have to enable Internet access in the top right corner. The site requires you to enter your mobile number for verification the first time you do this.

See Error saving notebook back to Jovian from Kaggle for more info.

Why do I get this really long list when I visualize my graph. I do not know why it is appearing, but when I added the piece of code below, it started to print a really long list of values when run the cell

graph.set_xticklabels(graph.get_xticklabels(), rotation= 45, horizontalalignment='right')

October 3rd, 11:59pm GMT

Does it disappear when you add semicolon ; at the end of your code.

I hope below code work for you.

inner_join_df.reset_index(level=0, inplace=True)

df2 = inner_join_df.melt(id_vars=['country'], value_vars=['successful', 'total'])

sns.barplot(x='country', y='value', hue='variable', data=df2);

please resolve this problem
@aakashns sir

This is my dataset

I want to draw a line plot of trend of total confirmed cases over the dates for different states in a single plot. How to plot different lne graph for different states? i am able to put ‘date’ in x axis, i want to put ‘total confirmed cases’ in y axis and different lines for different states. How to extract data for different states?
Help i have been trying this since yesterday

please help in this problem

You can use pivot function as follows:-

df_name.pivot(index='Date', columns='Name of State / UT', values='Total Confirmed cases')

Hello everyone , Please I need help to converting a column from numbers to string. Here is my data set

I want to change classification 1 to “healthy” and 2 to “Patient”
The below is what I got


for element in droplist: df1.drop(df1[ == element].index, inplace = True)

Is anyone getting the SettingwithCopyWarning warning?

This article does an excellent job of explaining when the warning is raised and what you can do about it


Hi Everyone!

Here is my notebook for the final project:

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!



i think you should write your dictionary as follow :-

Classification = {1: 'Healthy', 2: 'Patient' }

Hi All,
i need help for the following question

  1. How to merge File A & File B - Both is having same attribute information. Both files are in CSV format
  2. In the merged file. I need a new column in the file which should say, that this row belongs to A file and this Row belongs to B file.
  3. Need to include a index column for that file.
    thanks in advance.