Course Project - Says i dont have enough graphs, i have 7

On my submission, some of my graphs are in the same output because of the way I did it and they arent being counted, please see my project at to verify

hi there @bongiboy777 i guess the reason your submission got a FAIL was because of the way your organised your project. I believe the assignments and projects are being scored by an automated script due to the large volume of participants hence the reason you got a FAIL grade because your project doesnt follow the normal convention but it’s okay. Just reach out to the jovian team to help you look into it . All the best

no description…what you are doing… it’s looking like copy and pasting of code

Thats fair to be honest, thought this might happen but didnt expect it. And no, abhinitrpr, i wanted to make an app i could show on my github, the code is up on my git, but you need to have the kaggle credentials in the place you run it on the shell.

your link here

does not show any notebook inside. Are you sure that you have used the command commit to jovian in your notebook?