Data Analysis with Python Workshop @ UVCE

We will use this notebook:

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Run these commands on terminal / Anaconda prompt:

pip install jovian --upgrade
jovian clone PrajwalPrashanth/whatsapp-chat-data-analysis 

cd whatsapp-chat-data-analysis
jovian install
conda activate whatsapp
jupyter notebook

If you already have Jupyter notebook running, install these libraries:

pip install matplotlib seaborn pandas wordcloud jovian emoji

What would you like to learn about your WhatsApp data?

What a person usually does on whatsapp. Shares images or videos or just chats.

Least communicated persons
persons communicate with large texts
persons who put more emojis
persons with more emotional responses

time of the day when I am active along with the prediction of message propagation around that time within the groups or my contacts

Most Frequently used acronymn in Whatsapp data?

Who checked Display picture, Last seen.
Frequently contacted people, frequently ignored groups.
Inactive people in group.
Most used emojis
Most used words/ sentences/ replies

Positive and negative sentiments in messages on whatsapp chat group

Average data used per day.

How many images and videos do I receive every day

Average time of response ? Does the person respond immediately or after 5 years

  1. Bunch of words mostly used to know the context of conversation on a timely basis (week, day
    and hour)
  2. Usage/time spent on user and groups
  3. Groups with most and least interaction to prioritise
  4. Consistency of chat with person with time(yearly, quaterly, monthly basis)

Which contact has seen your status most times in 30 days

What all words people frequently use, during chat.