Data Analyst, Patagonia Action Works @ Patagonia

Role: Data Analyst, Patagonia Action Works

Company: Patagonia

Location: Remote U.S.

Required Technical and Professional Expertise:

A high level of Excel proficiency and relational databases (i.e. SQL) is required and familiarity with Wordpress is strongly preferred. 
Other skills include the ability to:  
    Use complex formulas to reference, extract and merge data across multiple data sets 
    Use Pivot tables to simplify large data sets 
    Implement best practices for maintaining data integrity and regular backups 
Ability to meet project milestones and communicate clearly with team members about potential challenges along the way 
Highly organized and detail oriented with an ability to quickly identify discrepancies and errors 
Prior experience with data analysis or data migrations projects preferred. 
Highly collaborative and willing to work with and take direction from multiple stakeholders. 
Comfortable with Python and XML languages is a plus.