Data Engineer @ Doximity

Role: Data Engineer

Company: Doximity

Location: Remote, U.S.

Required Technical and Professional Expertise:
About you

You have professional experience developing data processing, enrichment, transformation, and integration solutions.
You are fluent in Python and SQL.
You are no stranger to data warehousing and designing data models.
You are foremost an engineer, making you passionate for high code quality, automated testing, design patterns, and other engineering best practices.
You care deeply about the data being generated. You study the data and extract insights from it before you process it.
You are user experience and product focused. You build solutions while thinking about the impact it has on our users and enhances the product.
You are able to work within an existing data architecture finding gaps in it and enhancing it to ensure solutions are fault tolerant, scalable, and easy to iterate upon.
You have the ability to self-manage, prioritize, and deliver functional solutions.
You know your way around Git and AWS services.
You agree that concise and effective written and verbal communication is a must for a successful team.