Data Scientist, New York City, NY, US

Role: Data Scientist
Company: Spring Health
Location: New York City, NY, US


  • BA/BS in Psychology, Economics, Biology, Biochemistry, or other STEM-related field.
  • Fluency in R.
  • Strong presentation skills — fluently tell a compelling clinical or business story with data.
  • Strong written communication skills — quickly compose client-facing communications or publications for peer-review.
  • Experience with Git, Python, SQL, parallel/distributed computing, cloud computing, and other data science toolkits.
  • Experience or knowledge of traditional statistics, e.g. measures of central tendency, descriptive statistics, and inferential statistics.
  • Possess the initiative and ability to self-direct projects and solve unconventional problems.
  • Proximity to NYC: minimum 2 days per week in our NY HQ, max 3 days remote.

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