Deepfake Detection Challenge[Kaggle]

Deepfake Detection Challenge

Identify videos with facial or voice manipulations

Deepfake techniques, which present realistic AI-generated videos of people doing and saying fictional things, have the potential to have a significant impact on how people determine the legitimacy of information presented online. These content generation and modification technologies may affect the quality of public discourse and the safeguarding of human rights—especially given that deepfakes may be used maliciously as a source of misinformation, manipulation, harassment, and persuasion. Identifying manipulated media is a technically demanding and rapidly evolving challenge that requires collaborations across the entire tech industry and beyond.

AWS, Facebook, Microsoft, the Partnership on AI’s Media Integrity Steering Committee, and academics have come together to build the Deepfake Detection Challenge (DFDC). The goal of the challenge is to spur researchers around the world to build innovative new technologies that can help detect deepfakes and manipulated media.

Challenge participants must submit their code into a black box environment for testing. Participants will have the option to make their submission open or closed when accepting the prize. Open proposals will be eligible for challenge prizes as long as they abide by the open source licensing terms. Closed proposals will be proprietary and not be eligible to accept the prizes. Regardless of which track is chosen, all submissions will be evaluated in the same way. Results will be shown on the leaderboard.

The PAI Steering Committee has emphasized the need to ensure that all technical efforts incorporate attention to how the resulting code and products based on it can be made as accessible and useful as possible to key frontline defenders of information quality such as journalists and civic leaders around the world. The DFDC results will be a contribution to this effort and building a robust response to the emergent threat deepfakes pose globally.


  • March 3, 2020 - Entry deadline. You must accept the competition rules before this date in order to compete.
  • March 3, 2020 - Team Merger deadline. This is the last day participants may join or merge teams.
  • March 31, 2020 - Final submission deadline.
  • (Estimated) April 22, 2020 - Private leaderboard revealed.


  • First Prize : $500,000 USD
  • Second Prize : $300,000 USD
  • Third Prize : $100,000 USD
  • Fourth Prize : $60,000 USD
  • Fifth Prize : $40,000 USD

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