Doubt about 'Breaking' section in Assignment 1

I am solving the Assignment 1 but I have a doubt in Example 3 of each Function stating ‘breaking (to illustrate when it breaks)’. Please explain what should I mention in this and is completing this Example necessary in each Function.

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you have to mention common syntax mistakes that most of the learners do.

You should add an example where that specific function would fail(Raise an error).
It can be something like passing the wrong dataType, passing the wrong dimension (dim=2 for a 1D tensor) and so on, it’s up to you. This is designed so that you can get familiar with some common errors.

In This assignment 1 the 3rd question can be even a type error or only it should have value error.

@aishwaryaaishurangu nothing specific 3rd example of each function should be a example which breaks(has any error).