Doubts regarding data science quiz

Hello everyone, can someone help me in finding appropriate resources for a data science quiz. This is my first competition in field of data science. please please help me in this case if anyone have proper info about this.
@aakashns ,@PrajwalPrashanth u guys might know regarding this, please guide me.


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Hi Shabaz,

Which topics are you looking for quizzes on?

If you are looking for questions on data analysis, check out these notebooks, you will find some questions at the end of every notebook:

1 Like - here is the link for the competition. I guess they didn’t uploaded any specific topics for the quiz. They just stated that there will be a quiz which consists of MCQs. can u help me in finding any proper resources regarding this.PLEASE

@aakashns sir, they didn’t mentioned any specific topics about the quiz and above suggestions are for data analysis Ig i need some info about data science. May be they are going to ask questions based on facts. Here is the link for the competition- please please help me sir.