Download a dataset from kaggle using urlretrieve

Could you help, I have tried to download a dataset from kaggle using urlretrieve but I couldn’t.

Because you can’t do it.
The link you’re using leads to webpage.
So you download a HTML source of kaggle webpage.

This probably isn’t the file you’re looking for.

could you please give me an example how to use urlretrieve and download a csv file from kaggle and use it in week5 assignment?

It’s not possible to download a CSV file directly from kaggle by using urlretrieve()

You need a direct link. When you paste this link into a browser, it immediately asks you to download such file (you may check your URL to confirm that). You can’t get such link from kaggle.

You need to use the Kaggle API

There was a similar discussion in Europe group.

Photo from kaggle forums, which helped one of the discussion participants:

thank you very much for the great help you provided :smile: