Error is coming

after clicking this link for installing binder aakashns/first-steps-with-python - Jovian
clicked Run button to run on binder
circle movies showing (starting repository)

Error loading!
See logs below for details.

Error loading!
See logs below for details.

this error came in 2nd attempt

in first attempt i click on run button, and it reaches back to the same page from where i pressed the run button i.e this page

Hey @charanjeetsingb, Welcome to the community.
If you are unable to run the notebook in binder, you can visit this link and shut down/ delete old instances.
Let me know if you get the error after deleting the old instances.

Hey @charanjeetsingb deleting old instances should do as mentioned by @birajde but at the same time you always have an option to take the notebook offline and keep committing to jovian from there as well.