Evaluation time

Can someone please tell, how much time does the project takes for evaluation. I submitted it around 4 hrs. ago but it has not been evaluated yet.

It could take up to 1-2 weeks. Usually shorter, but it depends on how many assignment are there to evaluate.

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I am talking about Project only.

Projects can take even a bit longer because there has to be person that looks at it and decides if it’s ok.

In case of some assignments there’s an automated evaluation. But this sometimes fails, and someone has to step in and manually evaluate it. So when there are a lot of assignments, the projects take also a bit longer to evaluate.

Just wait for the grade, it will get evaluated at some point :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks 🥲.
And I thought it will take few minutes as in the assignments.


1.It will take up to 2 weeks, or maybe less sometimes.
2.if you have a lot of assignments, so it will take time.
Is it a continuous process or will you only collect data when having reached a milestone or
after having finished a certain activity?
The data should be regularly collected (weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on needs)
as a part of the monitoring process.

It is a continuous process, and we try to evaluate as soon as possible. Sometimes, due to high submissions/low bandwidth(availability) it can take a few days.